12 Facts About Audio Advertising

The goal of P.O.P. Audio advertising is to influence customers to purchase more, drive them to your profit centers and positively build your brand. Following are 12 facts about audio advertising and how they influence your customers.

  1. 41% of customers hearing an in-store audio commercial will make a purchase they had not planned to make.*
  2. 68% of consumers would be swayed to purchase a specific product based on an in-store advertising message.*
  3. benefits-of-audio-marketingIn-store audio can be used to direct customers to your highest profit centers  (deli, coffee station, soda, bakery, anywhere).
  4. Audio advertising reaches consumers when they are ready to buy.
  5. Point-of-purchase audio marketing encourages impulse buys, showcases new products and reminds shoppers what they like about your business.
  6. P.O.P. Audio easily integrates with your other marketing communications to promote your brand, websites, mobile marketing, in-store coupons, sales promotions, loyalty clubs, weekly specials and more.
  7. 36% of customers have purchased a different brand from the one they originally planned to purchase after hearing an in-store audio commercial or promotional announcement.*
  8. P.O.P. Audio  advertising reaches shoppers, not just consumers. Shoppers are people who are out there actually buying products and services; consumers may or may not be actively looking to buy.
  9. On-site audio marketing is an effective brand-building tool because you have a captive audience – they can not turn the channel, skip or fast-forward.
  10. P.O.P. audio marketing is relevant, reaching shoppers with the right message, in the right place and at the right time.
  11. On-site audio marketing is helpful and can be used to guide customers to specific items or departments. It can also work as a great reminder.
  12. P.O.P. Audio is an affordable, turnkey solution.

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Source: Arbitron