Music and Audio Marketing for Retail Stores & Shopping Malls

Music in retail stores and shopping malls plays a huge role in setting the stage for your customer’s shopping experience. From barely-audible background music playing in a drug store to jam’n rock-and-roll tunes in a hip clothing boutique, music has a purpose: To brand the store and give your customers the shopping experience they expect.

Music and Audio Marketing for Retailers and Shopping MallsMany times you may not even notice the music; however, a shopping mall easily demonstrates the wide variety of music being played by the mall’s tenants. Just walk from one end of the mall to the other and you will likely here music being played not only by the mall itself, but each individual retailer also has something going on. In just a few hundred feet you can here everything from elevator music and classical to hard rock and hot adult contemporary. The reason each store owner or manager plays music in their business is basically the same — they want their guests to feel comfortable — and to stay long enough to make a purchase.

Retail Music in the Good Old Days

It wasn’t that long ago a store owner could bring in a few of his or her favorite cassettes or CDs and play them on a boombox or built-in audio system. This worked, but the variety was limited and it became mundane for both customers and employees alike to hear the same music day in and day out. That, plus the fact that it is now illegal for most retailers — based on square footage and the number of speakers in the facility — has changed how music is licensed, distributed and played. Of course, nowadays music is streamed over the internet for most retail businesses and shopping malls.

Background Music for Shopping Malls

Most shopping malls get music through a licensed vendor and play what they feel suits the majority of its customers. It doesn’t matter as much in a large mall, because the music is generally played very quietly as not to distract the visitor. But, mall managers don’t want complete silence either; that’s kind of creepy. So, they opt to play music most consumers will like, which varies based on factors such as location, audience and budget.

Background Music for Retail Stores

Music choices for retail stores is very different than music choices for shopping malls. A store owner or manager likely plays the music louder, and makes choices they feel represents their brand and customers. Music for retailers is bound to be as unique as the store and products or services themselves. Do you expect a low-end furniture store to play the same music as a high-end fashion boutique? Would a hair and nail salon likely play the same music as a department store geared at teenagers? Probably not. And there’s a reason. The music needs to fit the environment and amplify the image the retailer is trying to project. You get the idea.

Taking Retail and Mall Audio to the Next Level

OK, we know music works; that’s why 90+ percent of store owners use it. But what if there was a way to make your in-store audio work even better? Yes, you still want to make the right music choices! That’s for sure. But, what if you could insert a message every now and then that would grab your customer’s attention and get them to do something? That would be cool, right?

For example: A group of teenagers are in a department store looking around. They’re chatting with each other, trying on clothes, hanging out because they don’t want to go home yet. In between songs, a short message comes on saying, “Buy a pair of sunglasses today and your friend gets a pair for free.” Suddenly the group is off looking at sunglasses, trying them on, checking themselves out in the mirror. Next thing you know, cha ching!

Another example: A small group of women have been shopping for hours and are getting ready to leave. Frankly, they’re tired from walking around half the day. As they’re heading to the exit, they hear a message come on the mall audio system. “Getting hungry? Come on down to The Mall Pizzeria before 5 p.m. and get our family special at half price. You won’t have to cook tonight, and the family will be happy with our pizza, soda, anti-pasta and breadsticks.” After a long day shopping, not cooking seems like a great idea. Cha ching.

These are sales that would not have been made if the retailer or mall management only played music. It takes audio messaging to increase sales!

In-store audio marketing, also known as on-site audio advertising, is not for everyone. But, if you have a lot of products and promotions, it can be. No one wants to be inundated with ads, but a professional message every now and then is very acceptable; especially if it it telling the customer in your store something they want to hear (discounts, new products, special pricing, etc.).

Creating a Custom Program for Your Retail Store

P.O.P. Audio Advertising offers music for retail stores and shopping malls. Whether it’s background music, country, classical, reggae, rock’n roll, or hot adult contemporary, we can provide that for you. We handle all the licensing, and will create a play list that fits your business model. And, in most cases, we can use your existing audio system. You just need an internet connection and a special “streaming” box that we can provide or let you buy on your own (about $200). That’s it!

P.O.P. Audio Offers Much More

There are lots of music services that provide “just music” for your store. P.O.P. Audio would be happy to provide that; but, our real expertise is in providing you a fully custom program that includes:

  • Music
  • Local Weather
  • Local News
  • Sports Updates
  • Store Branding
  • Store Promotions
  • Anything Audio

The key to P.O.P. Audio’s success is threefold: custom programming with the ability to day-part; professional production; we’re a turnkey solution. We can provide your retail store or shopping mall with the music and audio marketing that will improve the customer experience — while at the same time drive customers to your higher profit centers, encourage unplanned purchases and positively build your brand.

Yes, audio marketing with P.O.P. Audio Marketing can do all that!