Music & Audio Advertising for Casinos

Casino Marketing

Casinos vary greatly from one location to the next. From small, out-dated casinos with just a few slots and gaming tables to behemoth, modern casinos with 1,000s of slots and games (think Las Vegas).

But they share one common goal: To make their customers feel comfortable and gamble, gamble, gamble.

And while it may not be obvious to everybody, they spend a boat-load of money on research, aesthetics and marketing. Everything is done intentionally; your room’s paint color, carpet design, elevator music, game placement, food choices, lighting, background noise, even bathroom placement and exit doors.

A Closer Look at Casino Music

On-Site Audio Advertising for CasinosLet’s examine casino music a bit closer. Yes, many smaller casinos simply pipe in a Sirius radio or some other music and play it throughout the facility; however, bigger — and more aggressive casinos — put more thought and energy into their selection.

There isn’t a lot of research on casino music, but there is a consensus: 1.) music is better than no music; 2.) quiet, background-type music is better than louder music; 3.) a loop of constant mild music with no sharp crescendos, sudden diminuendos or pulsing bass notes keep gamblers at the slots or tables longer. In short, the music should be relaxing, almost unnoticeable, and distract the gambler from time and money concerns.

With that said, it seems music could benefit any business! In the same way a high-end fashion boutique pumps in hip, moody music to fit its brand, casinos  should be doing the same thing. Ambient music may work in some casinos, whereas others may like country, rock, oldies, etc.

What’s the Point?

The point is casino owners, designers and managers know that small things can make big differences. If you add up a bunch of small differences, you have a profitable casino. And this is becoming even more important as more and more casinos open around the country. According to an October 2013 article in Time magazine, the near $40 billion a year gambling industry is getting saturated in most parts of the country.

Don’t take this wrong; most casinos are doing fine, in fact, 2012 was a banner year and 2013 was also good. But at the same time, casinos in some areas are in decline.

So, how is it some casinos are doing better than others? Well, as stated above, lots of small differences add up to big profits. While bigger brands have the luxury of having better amenities, such as fine dining, shopping, waterparks and entertainment, they also have more expenses. In that respect, big and small casinos once again have something in common: They need to drive customers to their existing profit centers and squeeze those extra dollars out of their customer’s pockets.

Where Does P.O.P. Audio Advertising Come In?

Good question. Now that we’ve determined the proper type of music, why not take advantage of the existing audio system to encourage your casino guests to buy  coffee and donuts in the morning, grab lunch at the deli, have an afternoon malt, enjoy an incredible steak dinner in the evening, to  join your player’s club, relax at the spa, get a massage, and on and on. Get the idea?

With P.O.P. Audio, you can customize the programming to play exactly what you want at the exact time you want. Yes, the goal of P.O.P. Audio advertising is to get your patrons to spend more money more often. But it can also be used to help your customers; such as telling them restaurant hours, where the bathrooms are, what time the swimming pool opens and closes. In addition, it can — and should — be used to positively brand your casino.

It has been proven that audio advertising encourages and heavily influences buying decisions — so now you can utilize your existing audio system to promote your higher profit centers with very little investment.