Music and Under-Canopy Audio Advertising for Gas Stations

Gas prices seem to fluctuate quite a bit, leaving consumers at the pump often thinking gas station owners are making a killing. One thing is certain: If the gas station owner is making a lot of money, it’s NOT from gas sales. In fact, many studies show that if a consumer drives to the station, […]

Music and Audio Advertising for Grocery Stores / Markets

Grocery Store Marketing Markets, grocery stores and supermarkets have been using background music as part of their presentation for the past 50-plus years. The genre varied greatly and was often picked simply because the store manager or staff liked it. Whether it was a boutique market in an upscale community or a huge chain of […]

Music & Audio Advertising for Casinos

Casino Marketing Casinos vary greatly from one location to the next. From small, out-dated casinos with just a few slots and gaming tables to behemoth, modern casinos with 1,000s of slots and games (think Las Vegas). But they share one common goal: To make their customers feel comfortable and gamble, gamble, gamble. And while it […]